Create The Hygge Feeling In Your Home With These Artificial Flowers For Decoration

Hygge is a huge interior design trend right now. It’s a Danish concept that’s all about feeling cosy and comfortable, ultimately helping people to live happier lives. Here at Lily’s House London, we love creating that hygge feel with artificial flowers for decoration. So, we’ve put together our best artificial flower ideas to help you follow suit…

Choose a neutral colour scheme

Using artificial flowers for home decoration is a great way to add colour to your interiors, but when you’re going for the hygge look, be sure to steer away from anything that’s too bright.

A neutral colour scheme is definitely your friend. Think cream anemone sprays, dusty blue long stem hydrangeas, or a calming faux pink wild rose bouquet. Hygge is all about relaxation, and these softer shades offer it in abundance.


Avoid over cluttering

There are definitely similarities between the hygge and minimalism styles. The key is to avoid filling your space too much, whether it’s clutter, trinkets, or even the number of floral arrangements you have displayed. Remember, less is more. Whilst you obviously want your faux flowers to stand out, no space should feel overpowered.

Instead, aim for simplicity. Limit the number of designs you have in a particular room and only place them where they’ll make an impact – it’s about quality over quantity.

Contrast your textures

One of the best things about faux flowers is the choice of textures. Some have a smooth, silky feel like this blossom spray, whilst others have ruffes or bumps such as the amaranthus spray. Contrasting both of these is a great way to create the hygge look in your interiors.

Why not complement this by incorporating textures outside of your floral displays? We like to use objects like a woven basket, cushions or a beautiful vase.


Soften your lighting

You need to be aware of all the elements that will impact your faux flowers (and therefore your home’s hygge appearance) – such as the lighting. Of course, natural is always better. But for nighttime, you’ll have to use artificial. This should always be warm, which has a soft and inviting yellow tone, compared to cool lighting which is bluer and harsher.

Neutral lighting is ideal too. And if you’re a fan of candles, we always recommend these for the ultimate cosy hygge feeling!

Create the hygge feeling all year round

The hygge concept is often associated with autumn and winter, but we think it should be a part of your interiors whatever the time of year. Thankfully, faux flowers never go out of season! At Lily’s House London, we have the best artificial flowers, bouquets and foliage bases to choose from, each guaranteed to create the perfect hygge look in your home.

If you’d like advice on how to select artificial flowers for decoration, get in touch today. We love nothing more than helping people find their way to stunning floral displays.

April 18, 2022