Mum’s The Word: 5 Faux Flower Arrangements To Gift This Mother’s Day

Flowers are always a good choice for a Mother’s Day gift. And at Lily’s House London, you can make your mum happy all year round with faux flower arrangements that will last forever. But there are lots of designs out there, so which should you pick?

Here, we reveal the five best artificial flower arrangements to choose from.

  1. Go heavenly with hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are a classic, and with good reason. Symbolising gratitude, grace and beauty, they’re the perfect artificial flowers for Mother’s Day, and will show your mum just how much you love and appreciate her.

From the cute hydrangea delight, to the colour choices of the faux hydrangea bouquet, or the hydrangea modern classic (paired with a single faux maidenhair fern stem for that extra pop!), to the aptly named hydrangea heaven arrangement. Whichever you pick, these flowers will add a dash of colour to your mum’s home, whilst retaining their sophisticated feel.

  1. Create that ‘wow’ factor with wild roses

Roses may feel like something that should only be given on Valentine’s Day, but not in the case of this faux pink wild rose bouquet. It’s coupled with stunning eucalyptus leaves to add a relaxing feel to your mum’s home.

Or why not try our enchanting faux pink roses? They’re all about elegance and sweetness. With this gorgeous arrangement displayed in her window your mum will be the talk of the town!

  1. Over-amaze with orchids

If your mum loves the femininity of pink, or the regal feel of purple, then orchids are definitely for her. They add an essence of fun to the home, whatever room they’re in. And the vibrant atmosphere they create instantly transports the recipient to the summer months.

We have an incredible selection of purple and pink orchid arrangements to choose from. Let your mum get lost in a reverie with our orchid dream bouquet, pick a pretty petite gift, or go all out with a large display.

  1. Add a pop of power with posies

A wild posy arrangement is the best choice if you want all the luxury of faux flowers but with a natural, green feel. Their shamrock shades will make your mum’s home as vibrant and beautiful as she is.

And if she loves a snowy colour scheme, our winter posy is a must have! Both artificial arrangements come with the option of a hand-crafted designer vase, made in Holland and perfect for completing this stunning look.

  1. Please with poppies

Poppies are traditional and well-loved flowers that are guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone’s face. The luscious orange petals on this faux poppy bouquet completely transform your environment, making them the ideal artificial flowers for Mother’s Day.

Make a statement with this bold design – there’s even the option to include the vase so your mum can show off her flowers as soon as they arrive.

Pick your bunch with Lily’s House London

Those are our favourites from the best faux flower arrangements. If you prefer to create a more personalised display, take a look at our artificial floral stems – but don’t forget to add a foliage base and a pretty vase to complement your gift.

At Lily’s House London, we offer some of the best quality silk flowers out there – but the choice of artificial flowers for Mother’s Day is up to you. Just be sure to choose quickly… or someone else will grab them first (and we can’t blame them!).